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Doggy Dhaba

Wouldn’t it be nice if every dog went to bed every night happy and healthy?


Stray dogs roam the streets of India without food, veterinary care or refuge from the elements. Help us give them a chance.

“ Discover the heartwarming story of Mr. Balraj and the Doggy Dhaba Foundation, the idea for this dhaba came to him, Balraj revealed that it was during the Covid-induced lockdown when he realised that even dogs were struggling to find food. As a former hotel worker, Balraj used to feed the dogs he encountered on his way back home at night. He said, “I have been a dog lover since the beginning. I used to work in a hotel till the year 2019, from where I fed the dogs on the way back home at night. 

When the pandemic hit and even human food became scarce, he saw the need for quality dog food in the city and came up with the idea of Doggy Dhaba. “It was then that I got the idea of opening a dhaba for dogs and I opened this dhaba in 2020 along with my wife”. where compassion takes the lead. Mr. Balraj’s relentless efforts have fed thousands of hungry dogs, shielded them from suffering, and provided vital medical care.

It’s estimated that there are 600 million stray dogs across the world. That’s 600 million dogs without access to basic care and support. We’re helping to change that by donating a portion of our funds towards projects that seek to feed, vaccinate, spay and care for dogs who otherwise would be neglected.”

“ Be part of our mission and let's stand united in safeguarding and celebrating our beloved four-legged companions. Join  us and help transform their world into a brighter, more caring place."

We are The Best For Your Pet care

Welcome to Doggy Dhaba, a culinary service feeding our furry friends, founded in2019, by Balraj, a passionate dog lover! At Doggy Dhaba, we understand that dog deserve the best nutrition in order to lead happy and healthy lives.

Inorder to begin Doggy Dhaba, our journey began with a rather simple vision: Creating delicious, nutritious and simple meals that dogs would thoroughly enjoy. We carefully source the freshest ingredients ensuring that each meal is packed with essential nutrients and tailored to meet the specific dietary needs of dogs. With Doggy Dhaba, you can trust that your dog’s well-being is our top priority. We strive to exceed expectations by offering a wide range of flavourful meals and treats that promote optimal health and vitality. Our dedicated team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that every meal is prepared with love and care.

Join us in nourishing your dog’s body and delighting their taste buds with the goodness of Doggy Dhaba. We are committed to serving dogs across the country, one meal at a time.

"If u eat fresh why not your pets"

How do the services At Doggy
Dhaba work?

Introduce your furry friend to us!

By helping us answer a few questions about your dog, we will curate a tailored plan that caters to each dog and his/her needs. The questions will be based around :- What is their activity level like? How many treats do they typically receive?

We deliver right at your doorstep!

No more hassles of picking up your dog’s food daily anymore or going shopping for the ingredients! After the round of questions and understating your pooch, the food will be freshly delivered to you,
right at your doorstep!

Customize your plan your way!

Take full control of your dog’s feeding plan with Doggy Dhaba. Customize your furry friend’s information, adjust pouch sizes, and effortlessly pause or modify your deliveries. Enjoy the flexibility without any long-term commitment.