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Welcome to Doggy Dhaba

Our Mission

Healthier pets, happier pet parents!

We understand the need to ensure your furry friends get only the best diet and nothing else. At Doggy Dhaba, we prepare food using human-grade ingredients and our scientific formula packs all essential ingredients to ensure your pup lives a long & healthy life.

We know the secret to our pets’ happy and long life starts with what we serve in their bowl. Our unconditional love for pets drives us to make the best-suited products for them. We are starting this mission with what we put in their bowl.

Unfortunately, the Indian pet food market is dominated by foreign manufacturers supplying over-processed food with inferior ingredients.

1. Best Collection of Fresh Paw Cuisine: Delicious, Tasty and Healthy

Doggy Dhaba ensures your pet to serve fresh, balanced, and highly nutritious food, treats, and other eateries. Our idea is to give a human-like experience to a pet. We create fresh & natural dog food for your dogs. This steam-cooked fresh dog food uses 100% of fresh meat, veggies, sourced from hygienic cruelty-free locations. Our packaging technology allows us to provide your pets with stable food without preservatives. Packed with good, healthy, human-grade ingredients, our fresh meals are grain-free, gluten-free, and preservative-free.

So are you looking for fresh food for your pet? Doggy Dhaba has exactly what you need!

Here are the top 7 benefits of feeding your dog fresh, healthy food -

  1. Fresh feed is rich in immune-boosting antioxidants and high-quality proteins that help ward off and prevent a number of diseases.
  2. The study found that dogs fed fresh food lived an average of 13.1 years, while dogs fed commercial food lived an average of 10.4 years. That’s two and a half extra years to spend with your pet! Switching your dog to a fresh diet helps maintain a healthy body weight, which is associated with a 20% longer lifespan.
  3. It has been proven that dogs are biologically unable to fully digest grain. Because grain-free dog food is higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates, it is easier to digest than high-carb dog food.
  4. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight is very important to support a healthy body and prevent weight-related diseases. A well-balanced fresh food has a higher concentration of water and nutrients with enough fibre to keep your puppy feeling full without excessive calorie consumption.
  5. A grain-free diet can be of great benefit to your dog’s coat. Grains do not provide your dog with the proper oils and nutrients needed to maintain healthy skin and coat. Because grain-free dog food is high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids are increased, especially in food that contains fish. These fatty oils will make your dog’s coat thick, shiny and healthy.
  6. Grain-free dog food can benefit your dog’s energy levels. Protein is a dog’s main source of energy, and regular dog food won’t provide your dog with much protein or energy because most of it comes out as waste.
  7. Nutrition has a huge impact on dental health and in most cases, poor nutrition leads to bad breath. So if a dog eats a highly nutritious diet, such as a grain-free diet, it can actually benefit his breath.

2. Best Collection of Fresh Pupcake Pantry

Doggy Dhaba pet-cake portal delivering cakes for your dog’s special day, Freshly prepared on order by our pawsome verified pet bakers

No Maida. No Sugar.

Only pure goodness made with real ingredients. All natural dog cakes made with wholesome proteins, fruits and veggies and delicious nutritious fillers.

  • Order dog birthday cakes online in All Over India

These days, birthday parties for pets are becoming more popular. Every owner is aware of how important the birthday of their animal companion is. Therefore, to make the day memorable for them, you could order dog birthday cakes online from a cake shop that specialises in making cakes for dogs. You may celebrate your dog’s special day with a party filled, plenty of love and happiness by looking at some great cake designs and ordering one for your pet.

  • Dog face-themed cake available online at Doddy Dhaba

When the big day rolls around, it is the ideal opportunity to celebrate with your four-legged best friend, as it provides the ideal justification for doing so. If you want to show your buddy how glad and appreciative you are to have them in your life, sending them an online dog birthday cake is one way. Be sure to specify whether you want pineapple, strawberry, butterscotch, chocolate, or truffle flavours when you place your purchase. You may order dog-themed cake like dog shaped or bone shaped from our website. There is an unlimited variety of birthday cakes for dog lovers that can be found on the internet. The owners of dogs treat their pets as family members, and as a result, they go out of their way to find adorable dog-themed cake designs. You may order a safe cake for dogs online and have it sent to your house in a short amount of time.

  • Order Dog-Friendly Birthday Cakes Online

You may now place an online order for birthday cakes suitable for dogs. To see different samples, sizes, and flavours of a product, all you have to do is click on a design appealing. After you have chosen your design, we ask that you fill out the information about your dog. We also allow you to choose the type of ingredients while baking the cake. After that, you can spend the rest of the day with your dog while we take care of the details.

3. Dog Kennel - Doggy Day Care and Boarding

In the Doggy Dhaba boarding facility, dogs are fed, walked, and cared by the staff, who make sure that the dogs remain healthy and happy. Some dog boarding facilities also offer additional services such as pet day care meant for those owners who need care for their pets while they are at work or otherwise engaged.

Regardless of how much you love your pooch, there will come a time when you’ll have to leave them behind, be it for travel, emergencies, or illness. Your first instinct may be to bring them along with you, only to find out that your hotel has a no-pets policy, or your dog has suddenly become violently ill in the middle of your vacation.

Why Doggy Dhaba ?

Great for your pet

  • Get a pet lover to care, not a cage
  • Personal care and attention
  • Stay in familiar surroundings and

Great for you

  • Simple reservation online
  • Customer service always there for you
  • Payment protection

Online community of home-boarding and open boarding houses. No small cages, crates or crowded kennels. It’s another home for your pet. Book sitters who will treat your dog as family- perfect place when you need to travel out of town. It can be just the weekend or for the whole week. Personalised care at affordable rates in your neighbourhood

Boarding is Great for:

4.Vet Vital Wellness and Consultation for The Dog

Welcome to Doggy Dhaba’s Consultation Services.

We understand your pet is family. And you can trust us to keep your pet happy, healthy, and sweet as ever.

But it’s not just about pet love. Doggy dhaba is also committed to making pet care safe, easy, and affordable so that everyone can experience the unconditional love of a pet. Whatever you and your furr babies are into, we’re into it too. And we’ve got your back. Anytime. Anywhere.

We have committed ourselves to provide a better and healthier environment for the pets in the country. We feel that pets are an integral part of the family. We view that pets are lovely creatures which integrate and bring the family closer. We provide the products, services and advice that make it easier for our customers to be great pet parents. We are not only about selling pet products and supplies online, but we are also focused on empowering our customers with all the information related to pet products, pet care tips, diseases and symptoms, treatment and medications.

Our Commitment to you

Our ultimate goal is to positively improve your relationship with your dog through better communication and understanding. We are committed to helping people learn how to guide their dogs towards becoming better family members and community citizens.