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Fresh Paws Cuisine

Introducing the Fresh Food Services by Doggy Dhaba! We believe that every furry soul deserves a nutritious meal, “For your furry friend, we offer a delectable symphony of flavors, where every bite is a tail-wagging delight. Introducing our exceptional dog food that caters to both vegetarians and carnivores, a culinary delight designed to keep your furry friend thriving. We believe that every furry soul deserves a nutritious meal, whether they have a loving home or are a stray in need. Fresh food is often more appealing to picky eaters than kibble. This is because fresh food is made with real, whole ingredients that dogs recognize and enjoy. Allergies: Fresh food can help to reduce the risk of allergies in dogs.

Why Fresh Food?

More than 80% of dogs are affected by dental disease, a statistic comparable to the percentage who consume dry food. Additionally, nearly 60% of dogs are over weight or obese, and half of them over the age of 10 are likely to develop cancer. It seems as though “dog years” were created to mask their shorter lifespan. However, we desire more quality time with our beloved pets,and it all begins with their nutrition.


Pet food should be real nourishment, not just unappealing brown pellets.

Through our journey, we realized that the secret to our dogs’ vitality lies in serving them real food, not just showcasing it on packaging. Our customers consistently testify to the incredible impact fresh food can have on dogs’ overall well-being, both in the short and long term. Even dogs without apparent health issues have experienced remarkable transformations, with some gaining a new lease on life when given a few weeks or months to live. The seemingly magical effects of this simple change are no illusion; they are simply the result of the nourishing power of real food.

Introducing Doggy Dhaba’s Fresh Food Services

Our services offer a range of affordable packages starting from just ₹999, exclusively tailored for our stray friends. For strays, we provide flexible weekly, 15-day, and monthly plans to ensure their dietary needs are consistently met. Additionally, we offer the same convenient options for pet dogs, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your furry companion.

Be rest assured, all our meals are prepared with the highest standards of quality and care, being vet-certified to provide optimal nutrition. Join us in making a difference by providing delicious and wholesome meals to both pet dogs and stray dogs alike!